Why Not? Biodynamic Juice Retreat (1 Set)
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Why Not? Biodynamic Juice Retreat (1 Set)
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  • Restart your body's self-healing ability.
  • Promote liver purification and strengthen its function.
  • Enhance digestion power and nutrient absorption.
  • Promote healthy metabolism and ideal body weight.
  • Reduce oxidation stress and slow down aging process.
  • Enhance mental clarity and alertness.

Fasting is the best way for our body and digestive system to pause, reset and recharge. So why not do it with us?

With Why Not?’s Biodynamic Juice Retreat, quality plant juices provide life forces to help your body heal and rejuvenate!

Why Not?®’s new biodynamic Juice Retreat set is made up of 6 different kinds of biodynamic, lacto-fermented colourful vegetables juices, which include:



  • All Why Not? juices in this fasting program are biodynamic
  • Not from fruit concentrates
  • Nutrient rich
  • No added sugar, preservative and flavouring



Sauerkraut juices, Carrot Lacto-fermented Juice, Beetroot Juice, Vegetables lacto-fermented juice, Vegetables Composition, Fitness Cocktail

**from biodynamic farming


Storage Instructions

Keep in cool dry place. Avoid from direct heat and moisture. Refrigerate once opened.



Fasting is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, ladies during menstrual period, children below 12 years, those who are extremely underweight and people with diabetes, heart or kidney disease

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Why Not? Biodynamic Juice Retreat (1 Set)