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It can help to balance women's cyclical mood ups and downs, reduce sensory numbness or indifference caused by the urbanization and mechanization of life style. Also helps to focus on finding inclusive and meticulous female emotions to feel the positive emotions increase in all aspects of life. This essential oil also helps digestion, expelling stomach wind, balance body and mind, to maintain the richness of emotion.



Aloe Lavender


Lavender, Lavandin, ...

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Anxiety Relief  Oil (A4000) is a dynamic synergy that encourages relief and recovery from anxious moments, worrisome times, or general uneasiness. It refreshes, balances, and strengthens. Keep a bottle handy in your purse, at your desk, and at home. Especially beneficial for a good night's sleep. Encourages dreaming and deepens breathing. It is fresh, warm, and slightly sweet. It brings Myrtle to soothe, Bergamot to uplift combined with the grounding effect of Angelica: the perfect blend for unwinding.


Auto Fresh Room Spray (4501) is a refreshing natural car air freshener. This is just the eye-opener you need to relieve mental fatigue at work, or while studying or driving. A few drops applied to the temples will help refresh and restore mental alertness. Mist the inside of your car to relieve the doldrums of the morning commute or when driving fatigue sets in



Helps children to boost their immunity, especially during general influenza, reducing the chance of infection. Its sweet smell is easily accepted and loved by children, while making them feel happy. This essential oil also promotes healing and relieves discomfort caused by illness while suffering from flu or cold.



  • People who need a high degree of concentration and concentration can be greatly assisted by this special recipe, especially when driving, meeting or studying.
  • Suitable for people who can't focus for a long time, often using tea or coffee to refresh, and this focused formula is another good alternative to caffeinated beverages.


This powerful antibacterial formula is ideal for strengthening the immune system, especially in the flu season or other infectious diseases. It also helps solves the problem of lice in children's hair. It is advisable to add 2-3 drops on shampoo or drop on the pillow case.


Mosquito-Stop. People love it, mosquitoes hate it!



Compound of the essential oils helps to relieve anxiety and stress. Whether inhaling, chest massage, bathing or body massage, it can make oppressive rhythms have another breathing space, thus creating a better time to relax.



Helps to relief stress by inhaling or diffusing


Tobacco Free (4065) is a powerful natural room air purifier for neutralising tobacco smoke. A penetrating blend of aromatherapy essential oils in a natural aerosol to purify the air. The cutting influence of pure essential oils Atlas Cedar, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil and Eucalyptus is absolutely brilliant for clearing the air of tobacco smells. One of our customers told us it even helped him stop smoking! An environmentally friendly product and a superb natural air freshener.