Support Local Artisans!

Supporting local artisans means a lot to both artisans and the consumers. It’s a way of connecting to our local talented artisans and giving back to the community. Artisanal products are often in a higher quality as the ingredients sourced to it are from premium range, made in smaller batches to ensure freshness, and also very much unique and they have a story behind their brand.

The entire process to produce a homemade product is usually done in handmade method without using much machines. So, there’s a lot of hard work and passion into it. Let’s support local homemade producers and less imported conventional products! 

NGO Grocer have been a platform for organic and natural homemade products and will continue to support them in various ways. We are proud in bringing products from local artisans that includes good values in addition to quality products that does not use any chemicals into their product range which aligns with our misison as well. 




Above is the products from My Kefir World. Founded by CY Wong in 2008, they are one of the best brand of natural kefir in Malaysia. They are educating us to adopt a healthier eating habits and make our immune and gut stronger by having more probiotics into our diet. And, kefir is a good choice of probiotic drink to maintain our life without going to the doctor's office so often. Remember, prevention is better than cure! Having both milk kefir and water kefir options, it's suitable for both vegans and non-vegans. And they have many flavours which are both tasty and nutritious as well! Besides the kefir drink, they also have kefir soap which is good for our skin and not to forget kefir ice cream!




Next we have milk kefir and water kefir from MooMoos. We have been their loyal platform to grow more users to try MooMoos kefir beverages. Besides kefir, they do produce kombucha as well which is made from fermented tea. Their products are always available at all our outlets, so do drop by and try for yourself!




We are sure everyone have heard of Tai's Choice from GK Farm and Titi Eco Farm. Their products are made from the fruits and vegetables from their organic farm to minimize any wastage. The food are processed minimally and made in small batches to ensure freshness. They have products such as dried tea leaves from various plants, pickles, dried fruits, chips, and also beverages. 




So, other than beverages, we also have cooking pastes from our local artisans which are free of any chemicals, MSGs, preservatives, additives and colourings. Wendy's Homemade Food was created by founder Wendy after she has allergies towards MSG and skin issues due to commercial food additives. By creating her cooking paste line, she is now able to offer healthy cooking pastes to anyone who are searching for natural food and quick to cook products. Her products are made with many ingredients of Malaysian signature dishes such as tom yum, rendang, sambal, nyonya pongteh and asam pedas. And all we have to do is just to cook the paste with our choice of protein and vegetables, easy-peasy! With Wendy's pastes, even students or bachelors could whip up Malaysian dish in few minutes!




We also carry the famous PinXin Vegan from Penang! Many of our customers have already knew of this brand and they were very much happy when we brought into our outlets. Many of us can't cook Penang dishes perfectly, well with PinXin Vegan pastes, we can be able to cook like a chef! Purely vegan and aligned with their mission, they have a variety of pastes and chilli pastes for consumers to cook easily. 




We welcome artisans from all over Malaysia and so we have an artisan from Terengganu as well! Noso 5 Flavours is founded by a couple with the aim of making only natural sauces and condiments and using fine quality ingredients. If you are one of those who does not like mass produced products, our artisanal offerrings are definitely to be tried! 




And last not least, we have Korean kimchi from Penguin Taste! Made by a local artisan with passion on Korean cuisine and using only natural ingredients.

Fancy of Korean food but don't know how to cook one? Fret not, by using Penguin Taste's Korean pastes and Kimchi pastes, it's very easy to cook up any Korean cuisine conveniently at your own sweet home. 


Walk-in to any of our outlets or visit our website at to have a look on the variety of local artisanal products! 


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