Shangi Camellia Oil (250ml/btl)
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Shangi Camellia Oil (250ml/btl)
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Shangi Camellia Oil (250ml/btl)

Select the superior camellia seeds which grow in the remote
moutain where are not polluted by the pesticide.

Shangi camellia oil manufactured withlow temperature and
traditional process which can keep the best quality of oil.

Shangi camellia oil contains various minerals, nutrients and
antioxidant e.g. saponin. It is not easily oxidized and more stable, making
it's quality and nutrient comparable to olive oil.

Contains more than 85% of unsaturated fatty acid, which is a
healthy oil.

Shangi guaranteed you that our camellia oil is 100% pure and
no added with other oil and chemical, so it is your best choice for the cooking
edible oil.



Natural camellia seeds.


Direction for use:

Directly drink, mix with food, pan-fry, boil, stir-fry and
stew. The excellent taste suits every season of the year.


Net Weight:250ml

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