Facial Oil
Facial Oil
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Sensitive Facial Oil (5810) is a soothing natural skin care product for sensitive skin care. This facial skin care product combines four aromatherapy essential oils, in a base of sesame, jojoba, sweet almond, and apricot kernel, to encourage healthy skin.


Aloe Tea Tree (6450), contains Tea Tree, which stimulates the immune system at the same time as having many useful anti-infectious actions.


Deep Cleansing Facial Water (5320) is a natural facial cleanser containing aromatherapy essential oils to purify the skin. The perfect natural skin care product for clean, healthy skin. Pure essential oils Mint, Thyme and Lavender oil all contain antiseptic properties to really clean your skin. For best results, make this part of your daily facial skin care routine. Simply apply to the skin after a shower or your usual cleansing routine. The facial water will act as a natural facial toner to tighten and prepare the skin for facial oil or facial cream.



  • All skin, especially Dry, Sensitive, Mature