BNC Organic Germinated Brown Rice Powder (200g/can)
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BNC Organic Germinated Brown Rice Powder (200g/can)
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BNC Organic Germinated Brown Rice Powder (200g/can)

A super-grain that has triple amount of essential amino acid lysine, ten times the amount of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and other protective substances. It helps to regulate anxiety, sleep, immune system, fat metabolism, include in brain function, reduce cholesterol, improve kidney function, regulate blood sugar levels, stabilize blood pressure, reduces the risk of colon cancer.



  • To assure the purifying of raw material, the washing and draining process is repeated twice after careful selection of each type of raw material.
  • Steaming The raw material after washing and draining process will put in the steam cabinet to steam. This will bring out a mature flavor and special sweetness.
  • Freeze and dry The freeze and dry processes used to preserved the product’s nutrition and freshness after steaming.
  • Low temperature grinding The powder which goes through this process is easier to dissolve, mix, absorb and produces a stronger aroma as well.



100% Pure Organic Germinated Brown Rice Powder


Usage Instruction

It can be taken with cool or warm water or add milk, soy milk and other organic products according to personal flavor.

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