Etblisse - Premium UME Plum Enzymes (400g/btl)
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Etblisse - Premium UME Plum Enzymes (400g/btl)
Price RM27.90 RM31.00
Brand Etblisse
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  • With whole organic umeboshi from Japan
  • Organic Umeboshi: Not the ordinary ume plum but Japanese style pickled with sea salt & red Shiso herb
  • Aged for a year
  • Naturally-rich in organic acids and minerals
  • Valued as a digestive aid and energy enhancer
  • Strong bacteria-fighting power
  • Supports natural liver detoxification

Highly salted pickled plums, or umeboshi, have been a beloved part of the Japanese diet for centuries, prized for their preservative qualities and health benefits as well as their distinctive mouth-puckering sourness and salty tang. 

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