About NGO Grocer


NGO stands for Natural, Green, Organic. The company is founded by Ms Cherlyn Chan, a mother of two with extensive background in Bio-Med. Graduated from the University of Tasmania, she worked in Australia for 2 years before returning to Malaysia to focus on her family and kids. Being the provider of foods to her family, she always thought it would be great to have a place where all organic products can be found under one roof. That inspired her to found NGO with a few partners. Through NGO, Cherlyn aims to advocate "healthy natural and organic" lifestyles and hopes to share more about tips of eating and living healthily to all.




Multi-organics brands all under one roof
While there are several organic pioneers and retailers in the market, most are only selling their own brands and is limited in choices to the customers. NGO aims to house major brands all together under one roof for the convenience to customers. This conveniences them to select the brands they prefer - all in one place.


Making organics affordable to all
In current challenging times, NGO aims to make organics accessible and affordable to all. Vis a vis a chain store, NGO enjoys a higher volume of the products at a better price and hence we can transfer this economies of rewards to the consumers.  We make it less burden to all.




Consumers making informed purchases

At NGO, every product will be given a special design label. We will categorize our products as below:                                                                                   

We hope to provide our consumers a well-informed purchase experience. We will ensure all the products marked with the organic" label are certified by a reputable and creditable organization before putting up to our rack.


An organic store guarded by nutritionist

Many out there are still clueless on how to take care of their health. Studies show the afflicted ages are getting younger. One should cultivate a mindset for health from young."Let foods be the medicine". NGO provides in-house nutritionist consultation service to educate and consu lt customers on keeping healthy via natural and organic diets instead of relying on mediciations.We also provide complimentary health screenings such as blood pressure test, BMI test and even blood tests. Our nutritionist wiII complement these customer health findings with a customised dietary plan.