Biogreen-Bio-Pink Lady Balance Nutritional Oil (250ml/btl)
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Nutritional oil is certified organic, extra virgin cold pressed and unrefined oil blend that is formulated according to ratio 2:1:1 for better absorption and utilization by body. It is high in lignans, a phytonutrient acts as antioxidant which help to balance hormone, reduce menopause symptoms, risks of breast and prostate cancer. It is processed under temperature below 40°C with no light and oxygen-free condition. 混合油荣获有机认证,是特级初榨冷压且未受精的混合油,并依据比例2:1:1调配而成,有助提升人体吸收与利用。另外,其富含木酚素(抗氧化物质),有助调整荷尔蒙、减低更年期症状、乳腺癌及前列腺癌的风险。其在无光线与氧气的情况下,以低于摄氏40度进行榨取程序。


Ingrediant :

Organic Flax Seed Oil*, Organic Perilla Oil*, Organic Sun Flower Oil*, Organic Sesame Oil*, Organic Evening Primrose Oil* (48mg/15ml), Organic Wheat Germ Oil*, Soya Lecithin (Non-GMO), Flax Lignans (Extract from flax seed*)

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Biogreen-Bio-Pink Lady Balance Nutritional Oil (250ml/btl)  x1

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