年年有余 Properous Gift Set B [Free Delivery]
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  • Ceramic Koi Fish Tea Set 陶瓷鲤鱼茶具套装
  • Ceramic Tea Container 陶瓷茶叶罐
  • Classic Pu-Er 醇香普洱熟茶粒
  • Rose Pu-Er 玫瑰普洱熟茶粒
  • Glatinous Rice Pu-Er  糯米香普洱生茶粒
  • Chrysanthemum Pu-Er 菊花普洱熟茶粒
  • Citrus Pu-Er 陈皮普洱熟茶粒

年年有余 Properous Gift Set include :

  1. Ceramic Koi Fish Tea Set 陶瓷鲤鱼茶具套装 
    Tea Pot - 110ml / Tea Cups 40ml 
  2. Ceramic Tea Container 陶瓷茶叶罐
  3. Classic Pu-Er 醇香普洱熟茶粒
  4. Rose Pu-Er 玫瑰普洱熟茶粒
  5. Glatinous Rice Pu-Er  糯米香普洱生茶粒
  6. Chrysanthemum Pu-Er 菊花普洱熟茶粒
  7. Citrus Pu-Er 陈皮普洱熟茶粒

Reminder: Any purchase or order made on 25/01/2020 or later will be sent out before Chinese New Year but it might arrive to the recipient after Chinese New Year. This is due to the peak season of the courier services. NGO Grocer will not accept any refund /exchange request. Thank you!

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年年有余 Properous Gift Set x 1 

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